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Val Hall


Working with Jess and Joel on this video of The Big Red Rock has indeed been fun, fun, fun. When I first read Jess’s book I immediately thought it would be perfect for adapting into a little musical for children. It has a simple, but clever story with quirky characters. It was also easy to see where the songs would fit in and what they should be about. I sent a copy to Joel and he felt the same.

The musical I went on to write, which is for the stage, has been inspired by rather than adapted from Jess’s book. But it has the same theme of Bif looking for the perfect place to eat his breakfast and an annoying rock that won’t get out of the way. When Joel suggested we make a video for streaming to schools we felt it should focus purely on Jess’s book. I got in touch with her and she was thrilled to be a part of the team. Her help with the visuals has been vital, and her artwork for the Big Red Rock stream park is a delight.

This is the third musical project that Joel and I have worked on together. I think the tunes he has written for this are perfect, and so catchy – they take turns being my ear worm.