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Rebecca Knowles: Inspired by the nags head art deco clock. I was inspired by the clock and how proud the locals are of it. I believe that art is for everybody and that it is so important to share art in all communities. It is a joy to find inspiration in unexpected places. I started making pottery in 2020 as I find it fun and relaxing. Having been a part of local arts since 2008, in theatre and running workshops and taking part in arts festivals I am so excited to be a part of Ashfield arts Festival  

You can view my etsy shop here for my pottery


My name is Joe Stafford, and I am an Astrophotographer with Mansfield and Sutton astronomical Society. I have been doing astronomy since I was very little and have been taking photos of the cosmos since I was 13. I specialize in capturing ancient photons in deep space that were emitted thousands, if not millions of years ago. I particularly love capturing close in shots of distant galaxies which are millions of light years away.


Gary Levers: I’m just an amateur photographer that started off doing astrophotography but since then I have done more landscape and wildlife photography too.


The ‘Creative Design Skills’ Learners of ATTFE College have worked together to create various artwork looking at the themes ‘Love where you live’, ‘In this together’ and ‘Community Kindness’.  Working together as a Community and caring for each other is at the heart of everything we do at ATTFE College.  Our ethos became even stronger during the pandemic and our learners enjoy creating artwork that reflects this and promotes a community we are proud to be part of.


Holgate Academy


Julie A. Turner: Nature and wildlife artist working in ink and watercolour. Based in Nottingham. Inspired by the nature and wildlife I see on my daily walks around where I live.  @julieturnerart


Valerie Goddard


Morven Park Primary School, year 6 work. 


Morven Park Primary School, year 1 work. 


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