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Karen Simms


Amanda Roberts: Hi there! My name is Amanda Roberts and I live in the village of Brinsley. I’m a self taught artist and my preferred medium is acrylics. My work is mainly bright and bold landscapes inspired by travels in Cornwall and the Ashfield countryside around me such as Felley Woods. I also take part in the annual ‘Hidden Valley’s Art trail’ as part of Open Studios Nottinghamshire. @mandarobertsart1


Adam Ogelsby: I am an artist and model maker living and working in Nottinghamshire. Over the last 4 years I have returned to education and am just completing a degree in Design for Film and Television at Nottingham Trent University. @ArtOgelsby


Stephen Dennis


Peter Relf


Nick Gear: a Fine Artist has lived in both urban and natural environments, from London to rural Staffordshire. He’s developed an artist’s culture of walking completing a Masters in Fine Art in 2015, which draws him particularly into the ‘edgeland’ landscapes of Coxmoor. This environment has a liminal quality, being a boundary between the urban and natural man-made environments, and through this space the materiality of place infects the artwork Nic makes. Nic’s creations use notions of drawing & the line, using techniques featuring his handmade oak gall ink, carbon pencil & photography, all using steps taken during his walks. All these approaches are used to consider notions around layering and overlapping; the ‘reality’ of what we do and don’t see, and our impact on the environment. Nic has had a solo show ‘Navigating Edgelands’ at The Steel Room Gallery in Brigg Lincolnshire and has work currently showing at the Shard London as part the ArtCan ‘Elevate 03’ exhibition hosted by Kroll. He lives and works on the outskirts of Kirkby-in-Ashfield traversing the liminal landscapes of the town. @nickartofgear


Jackie Ward (TreeHuggery): I'm a mixed media artist, I work with found materials that would otherwise get thrown away to create textile sculptures of people (and their dogs) doing everyday things. Wherever possible I let the object decide what I will make, so for instance a teaspoon becomes a garden trowel, a tiny cog from a watch becomes a medal for a runner. @treehuggery


Hello, my name is Martin Bond I have recently moved to Sutton in Ashfield. I consider myself a 'developing self-taught' artist who has painted landscapes, seascapes, and animals using various mediums such as acrylic, watercolour, pastels and oils. I have been painting on and off for about 10 years, more off due to changes in life. I carefully choose my subjects and try to paint them to the best of my ability. When it comes to painting, I am my biggest critic, If i consider a painting good enough for my wall then i will offer it for sale, if not it gets assigned to the 'learning folder' and i will try again.I have exhibited in Maidenhead - Art on the Street and been fortunate to find homes for some of my paintings. I have also exhibited at Maidenhead Library, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts and Elizabeth House in Cookham.