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Eleanor Marley: I am an artist living in Hucknall. My paintings are inspired by the diverse landscapes that can be seen in and around Ashfield. Predominantly working in oil paints, I use rags to lift oil paint from the canvas, leaving behind a variety of abstract marks and tones. I love to travel the local area sketching and taking photographs, say hello if you ever bump into me! @elliemarleyart


Iryna Nimmo: I am a self-taught amateur artist inspired by the beautiful surroundings of rural Nottinghamshire. I am experimenting with a variety of techniques and styles trying to find my own unique style of self-expression. I am interested in abstract forms, geometric and organic shapes and loose style paintings.


Chris Goddard


Betty Smith and Family


Mary Halliday: My Workroom is the culmination of everything I’ve wanted to achieve in my creative career, and the potential to improve even more. I studied Costume at Nottingham Trent University, and graduated in the Summer of 2020, just as the country closed its doors to creative expression. I have used the time since to work hard on my personal creative journey, creating several distinct pieces, as you’ll be able to see in my gallery. I specialise in sculpture and painting, but have strong experience with sewing and digital design as well. In recent months, I have been able sell some of my pieces, which has been an exceptionally rewarding experience - making money doing what I love. Through my website and Etsy store, I offer all kinds of pieces, and even offer the opportunity for commissions. I love what I do, and I hope that the success of my Workroom continues. / @Marys_Workroom


Spirit of the Woods.jpg

Bernadette Finn - Spirit of the Woods


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