Relaxation Zone

Sap Rising have produced a series of invitations to be experienced by individuals or small groups outdoors. The intention is to engage more fully with our local natural environment, specifically with Beech trees. Sap Rising is a wellbeing collective of four women, Emma Capper, Myrtle Cooper, Sarah Gray and Beth Heaney.

Through this audio experience, the listener, or walker is accompanied by a friendly, warm voice offering invitations and a caring approach, to encounter and experience a moment of presence and perhaps a sense of peace and inspiration.


Terms of engagement - your wellness and safety


How to prepare?


This walk is intended for you to complete alone, or with another person.

1. Please take time and care to choose your area before you press play. You may like to identify the tree on a walk, and come back to it with the intention of engaging in the audio experience. Common Beech trees are found throughout the UK and Europe and are often referred to as the Queen of the forest. You can find a Beech tree by listening and feeling on the ground for their nuts. You may notice their bark is smooth and grey, like elephant skin, developing fissures and wrinkles as it ages. Often you will see lovers’ carvings in its bark. In autumn and winter, the trees can be identified by their reddish brown, pointed torpedo shaped buds, and often have some remaining leaves on the branches. You may find a local Beech tree on the Woodland Trust Ancient Tree Registry


2. Prepare your kit:

❏ Check the mobile device on which you are playing the audio on is fully charged.

❏ We recommend you wear headphones to listen to the audio.

❏ If you are in pairs, you may like to play through speakers if it isn’t disturbing others (human or more than human beings).

3. Appropriate clothing, dependent on location and weather

❏ Full waterproofs

❏ thick socks

❏ thermal layers

❏ a hat

❏ sturdy, closed toe boots or shoes suitable for wet or uneven ground


4. You may like to consider

❏ bringing a sit mat or blanket

❏ preparing a thermos of tea (say yes to cosy and happy!)

❏ making a snack for afterwards


When to press play?


We recommend you experience this audio recording in a quiet, safe environment away from vehicular and foot traffic. If you, find a wooded area, ideally with one or many Beech trees in the area. This should be on public or common land, or on your property, or with permission from the landowner.


WARNING! Beware of what is around you!

❏ If you choose to listen through earbuds or headphones, try to turn down the volume enough so you can hear your environment around you as well as the recording.

❏ Avoid listening to this guide while near any roads or bicycle lanes.

❏ Please pause or stop the recording and wait until you are in a safer environment so you can relax and engage more fully.

❏ DO NOT use these recordings if you are driving or cycling.


When to press pause?


At any time, you can pause the audio to respond to your needs and to the environment. Your safety is in your hands, so if you are uncomfortable or in any danger please remove the headphone and stop the audio. The audio experience can last as long as an hour, or longer if you choose to pause the audio at regular intervals. If you have a schedule to keep to, you may like to set an alarm on your mobile device to keep time.


How to end?


It is nice to spend time afterwards to integrate and reflect on your experience. You may like to speak to somebody about it, or move or write, draw or doodle. You may want to sit and have that cup of tea! If you feel like sharing your experience in words, images or text please visit and join our Tree Charter group on



If you have any enquiries please email us at:

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beech leaves.jpg
Somatic exploration with Sarah Gray
Beech mast casing and twigs.jpg
Forest bathing with Emma Capper
beech leaves on branch.jpeg
Drawing without paper with Beth Heaney
Beech trees.jpg
Folklore with Myrtle Cooper