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Welcome to the music area of Ashfield Arts Festival.

Here, you'll find some entertaining performances by Ashfield artists! Please leave a comment or a like below to show your appreciation to the acts!


Pianist, Chris Miggells brings you piano style film music and popular song with four performances including hits such as La La Land - Mia and Sebastian's Theme and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody! @ChrisMiggells

Mark "el durmiente" Nightingale"

Born in Kirkby, I am a musician and a composer. I studied drama at Guildford School of Acting and dance at Elmhurst Ballet School where I developed a lifelong passion for flamenco. After a number of years working as a professional actor I gravitated towards music. As one third of spoken word and music trio The Fighting Nightingales, I play acoustic guitar as well as the mysterious twelve string touch-style stick guitar (affectionately known as The Beast). I have recently written music for The Hood Free Zone, 17th Century Tales podcasts, and the play An Evening with Professor Edvard Von Goosechaser (where I performed the role of Marco the Mute Musician). I once did a gig in a coffin factory.

Paris Alexander

Paris has formerly performed at Festivals and Music Venues across the Midlands including BBC Introducing at The Shed in Leicester, Rough Trade, Bodega Acoustic, The Maze, Ryan's Bar, Dubrek Studios, The Soundhouse and Duffy's Bar. I have also performed at local Festival Wicked Hathern Fest and Western Park Festival and Beeston's Oxjam and Tramlines Fringe in Sheffield. I've also performed live on Notts TV and for Scotland's Acoustic Bliss where I have family. One of my highlights of 2019 was also performing at The Grey Dog Festival in Northampton where Lucy Spraggan headlined.

Paris Alexander Music page

Shoelace / Daniel Aminoff


I am a solo artist currently in my third year studying music at the University of Nottingham. As an artist I have a single out right now called ‘Bubble ‘Bout to Burst’ and loads more music to come!

Charity Stow


I am a singer-songwriter based in Nottingham and I make alternative/pop music


Melissa Robson


I have been singing since I was 10 and have taken part in many competitions and performances in my home town and other areas. Singing is what I love to do more than anything! I enjoy entertaining people.


Next up is Lauren Taylor: I am a performer from the Ashfield area, I have been performing in Ashfield since 2013. I have taken part in many productions, most recently working with the Sutton Centre Stage Group in their pantomimes and also working with groups such as Under the Headstocks and A Prop Me Up Theatre Company.

Finally, Nigel Harrison: I am a local amateur musician. I've played guitar in bands and recorded music at home, programming drum and instrument parts on my computer, nearly all my life.

With the beginning of lockdown restrictions in March 2020, it was no longer possible for me and my musician friends and colleagues to play gigs or to go and see live music performed anywhere. As a result and in response to this, over the last year, I have been running a Facebook group called 'Lockdown Liaison'. Its purpose has been to allow online video collaborations between musicians. The idea was to bring music performances into people’s homes during lockdown while live music wasn't allowed, to give musicians something interesting to work on, to throw up new and interesting remote musical partnerships with new people, which wouldn’t normally happen, to give people something to occupy themselves with if they weren’t at work and to raise people’s spirits during a difficult time.

We have published over 70 video recordings during the course of the last year of collaborations between different musicians of all ages doing cover songs. Some are by full bands, others of just two or three people. Viewing is restricted to the private group members (for copyright reasons I don't broadcast them publicly unless covered by the appropriate licence). We did have one collaboration featured on a local radio station. A total of 19 musicians, across the Notts and Derby area, as well as further afield and internationally, have participated in the project so far, playing guitar, bass, drums, percussion, saxophone, harmonica, violin, viola, cello, keyboards and, of course, singing.

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