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Heather Sinclair: I run a small creative business in Nottinghamshire making scrapbooks, gifts and cards often using my artwork to create these, selling on platforms such as ETSY, amazon and my own website. I also create videos on youtube about crafting including junk journaling and mixed media art. www.toshiandbob.co.uk


Kristina McCormick delivers quirky, unusual art and craft workshops in a number of local crafting venues across Nottinghamshire. Here's her Pickled bums!  http://www.quirkshops.co.uk/


My name is Sandrine. I have moved to England 25 years ago from France. I am based in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire. The Frog in the Craft started in November 2018, offering made-to-order gifts, crafting supplies and workshops. www.froginthecraft.com

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