Welcome to the Kith Artist Collective Room. 

The Kith Artist Collective is a group of 14 contemporary artists working in and around Nottinghamshire and exhibiting widely, both individually and together. There is a shared ethos among Members which embraces working with experimental and traditional techniques and  materials, exploring the changing world, society and its values and striving for artistic excellence. Four of its current Members: Mo Scott (Chair of Kith), Sara Gaynor, Nick Gear and Janet Wootton are featured in this Gallery with some of their recent works. Please contact the artists directly if you are interested in buying or commissioning work from them.

When Music Meets Art - Janet Wootton.

Music and art are my two creative passions and when the two combine something special happens... I have had a career in journalism, government information and broadcasting regulation so communication has always been central to my life. This took a new direction when I studied Fine Art (BA) at the University of Nottingham and then Nottingham Trent University (MA). Now I communicate messages via words and art. The latest series of art sees me drawing on favourite pieces of music for inspiration. I am a local singer, with Notts Operatic Society, Nottingham Trent University Choir and Music for Everyone so I have plenty of resources. I hope you enjoy the four pieces of my art featured here in the Kith Artist Collective gallery, alongside my talented colleagues. If you would like to see more of my work you can contact me at; or on Facebook. Oh… and when I sell my art profits benefit local charities.

Lines of Landscapes - Nic Gear

Nic has lived in both urban and natural environments, from London to rural Staffordshire.

He’s developed a culture of walking completing a Masters in Fine Art in 2015, which draws him particularly into ‘edgeland’ landscapes, because of their liminal quality being a boundary between the urban and natural man-made environments. Techniques of mark making with oak gall ink, carbon pencil and photography draw on and draw with the steps taken in the environment. Work during 2021 has focused on the drawn line, reflecting the paths, contours, & farming techniques that affect, shape & influence the landscape in which we live. Nic had a solo show ‘Navigating Edgelands’ at The Steel Room Gallery in Brigg Lincolnshire and has work currently showing at the Shard London as part the ArtCan ‘Elevate 03’ exhibition hosted by Kroll. He lives and works on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire regularly traversing the liminal landscapes of the county. Webpage  |  Instagram @nicartofgear | Twitter @nickartofgear

Celestial Alchemy Series - Sara Gaynor

A visual artist based in Nottingham, working in the medium of photography. I am an Associate Member of Backlit Gallery and a member of the Kith Art Collective. I am also a participating artist for the nationally renowned Tim Andrews Art Project and have exhibited widely. I also teach and lead photography workshops. My work adopts a fine art, conceptual, narrative style and I mainly work with digital photography. My inspirations are drawn from nature, the environment, universe, space, emotions and instinct. The photographs in exhibition form part of an on-going Still Life experiment. Over time, I aim to capture the chemical reactions that occur in nature and the universe; there is true magic to be found in the celestial and natural forces around us and in many ways, this is likened to the affect that music has on our brain. Indeed through reactions to nature, the universe and music, momentarily we are transported to an otherworldly realm both visually and aurally. All photographs were created in my home garden during November 2020 – March 2021. Please do contact me if you require further information or would like to purchase prints. Mobile: 07540139443 | Email: | website | Instagram saragaynorphotography

Firing Sorcery - Mo Scott

Mixed media artist; works with paint, materials and glass. “Firing Sorcery” are glass pieces made for a recent exhibition @Backlit. As a child I would watch my grandfather in his workshop, a traditional manufacturing optician make bespoke handcrafted spectacles. Since, I have always loved the making process and working with materials; using found and reclaimed material not normally associated with art, and especially the translucence, luminous iridescent colours of glass. Often I will play with light, shadows and reflection, to give distortions and a change of perceptions. I search and peruse the transmutation of materials and invite serendipity.


I enjoy being the Chair of Kith Artist Collective, and also the Chair of the Spotted Dog Art Group specialising in different media art tutor lead workshops, and not to forget singing in the choir with the Wollaton Singers! My work has been as an early years teacher specialising in art, and as a business woman, before then concentrating on my own art. As an Associate Member of the Backlit Gallery & Studios, Nottingham I exhibited at Tate Modern in London, and in the Netherlands. Studied an MA fine art at NTU; BA (Hons) fine art UofN; B.Ed.(Hons) Manchester.    Instagram: mo_scott10

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