How and why your data may be collected and used by Streampark and the University of Nottingham’s Horizon Co-Production Campaign


Purpose of the research. We are wanting to explore the challenges of delivering live festival experiences online. This includes the challenges of making live mass participation events available to performers and audiences and the role of new digital technologies in making online or hybrid (combination of online and physical) festival accessible to all.

Participating in the research. By entering the Upbeat Festival through Streampark, you are consenting voluntarily to be a participant in this study. You can refuse to participate and withdraw from the study at any time by leaving Streampark.

Please note that if joining the festival as a group (school, family etc.) it is the responsibility of adult visitors to ensure that children do not participate unsupervised.

Research Data we will collect

The research team will not directly capture any data from Streampark, but rather the Streampark team will anonymise as far as possible, the following data before handing over to the research team for their analysis.

  • Streampark logs: Anonymous metrics/traffic data from StreamPark – primarily to assess numbers of participating audience devices, network health and so forth.

  • Audience chat logs (i.e. global, local, group): these will be anonymised by Streampark, i.e., usernames, emails, or other identifying data will be stripped or given an alias by the Streampark team.

  • Streampark Noticeboard media posted by audience members to the StreamPark public noticeboard: Anonymised by Streampark team as described above.

  • Streampark video and audio: example screen captures (video and stills) of the Streampark user interface will be captured for subsequent analysis. Audience members (i.e. webcam feed) will be blurred out by the Streampark team prior to handing over data to research team, so no individual audience members will be identifiable.


How we process the gathered data. Audio/video data of the interview will be transcribed, and any identifiable data will be anonymised/pseudonymised prior to analysis. Video documentation of festival organisers will be analysed to reveal themes of collaboration and engagement.

Use of Your data. Data gathered during the research will be used in project meetings, presentations, reports and project website. The results of the research may be disseminated via conference workshops, presentations, publications and academic journals. All published data will be anonymised by default.

Benefits and risks of the research. The findings from this research will help to further the use of technology in festivals and contribute to research publications and presentations. The study involves the gathering your experience of engaging with an online festival. Data collected will be held in a secure and safe manner in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018), including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016).  Safeguards will be put in place to protect my identity and my data during the research, and if my data is kept for future use.  

Future use of your data. Your data may be archived and reused in future for purposes that are in the public interest, or for historical, scientific or statistical purposes, for example, the development of new technologies and contributing to research publications and presentations. Data will be stored on the researchers’ password protected personal computer and a secure digital environment provided by the University of Nottingham.

Procedure for withdrawal from the research. You may withdraw from the study by leaving Streampark at any time and do not have to give reasons for why you no longer want to take part. If you wish to withdraw any of your data please contact Streampark or the researchers listed below. If you receive no response from the researchers, please contact the School of Computer Science’s Ethics Committee. Please note that you will only be able to delete any media or chat messages posted if you are able to specify a username and be able to accurately identify the data. However, such data can only be withdrawn from the research, it may have been seen or recorded by other online users of the festival. We will remove your responses from our dataset if these can still be identified. However, this may not be possible if the dataset has already been fully anonymised and/or published.

Contact details of the ethics committee. If you wish to file a complaint or exercise your rights you can contact the Ethics Committee at the following address:

Researcher contact details.