Welcome to the Information Point at The Big Red Rock Park

Below you will find details on all the activities taking place over the park. There's also a help desk should you need it. We would be more than happy to help! Or leave a message in our guest book, we would love to hear from you!





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What's On

Show Tent: The main attraction! 

Come and enjoy The Big Red Rock - A Little Musical performed by Iona Crampton, Khalid Daley and Nottinghamshire Schools.  

Tour Bus 

Meet the cast and creatives! Find out how they got into writing and performing and what they have enjoyed most about The Big Red Rock. 


The Big Red Rock book is available here. Find out more about Child's Play and Inspire libraries services with a wide range of story and information books to delight, inspire and enthuse a love of reading and learning in children.


Breakfast Bar

Learn how to make some delicious rock recipes! 

Information (that's where you are now!)  

A help desk and details on all the activities at The Big Red Rock Park are available here. 

Craft Tent 

From character puppets to making your own band, there is lots of creative fun to be had in this tent. 

Play Park

Head over to the Play Park to play some Big Red Rock games! 


Enjoy the fully orchestrated music performed by Iona Crampton and Khalid Day. The bandstand also features some original compositions and performances by children across Nottinghamshire schools!

The Big Red Rock - Gallery

View all the drawings and photos inspired by The Big Red Rock in the gallery! Feeling inspired? Upload your own drawing!



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