Welcome to the Information Point at Ashfield Arts Festival 

Below you will find details on all the activities taking place over the park. There's also a help desk should you need it. We are more than happy to help! Or leave a message in our guest book, we would love to hear from you!





Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

What's On

The Byron & Ada Lovelace Stage

This is one of the main stages featuring poetry, storytelling, music, theatre, film and more!

Lindley's Mill - Workshop and Craft Area

This stage features some great workshop and craft videos - get creative!

Annesley Hall & the Old Church

Here you can learn more about the heritage and community in Ashfield! 

Hidden Valleys Gallery

Take in the beautiful artwork and photos at the Hidden Valleys Gallery! Here, you'll find paintings, photographs, sculpture  and much more!

Miners' Wheel

The Miners' Wheel is the social area. Head on over to the chatroom to connect with your community! 

Information Point

That's where you are right now - hello! We're here to help!



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