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Jonathan Evans was born in Kirkby in Ashfield in 1949. He attended Morven Park Infants School and Kirkby Folly Junior School before going to Grammar School in Mansfield. After leaving Kirkby in 1968 he travelled widely, living in Australia for a number of years before coming back to the UK.  “The Mystery of Ernie Taylor’s Abdomen” is Jonathan’s first book and as the cover blurb says, “throughout …there is an affection for Jonathan’s home town of Kirkby in Ashfield …It conjures up scenes of characters and young conspirators dogged by trouble and misadventure” .  Jonathan  now lives in Bristol where he is recovering from his latest attempt to drain the European wine lake. @JonathanEvans45


Austin Hernon - Author, seeks out the truth.



Claire Finn - Ashfield Heritage Documentary 


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